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Spotlight – Ensanguine

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-Comic Name – Ensanguine

-Creator(s) – Grace Mulcahy

-Genre – Sci-fi drama

-Synopsis – After years of keeping it under wraps, Guy- a spineless intellectual- is revealed to hold the key to a universal panacea: his own blood. When this secret comes to light, Guy finds himself in a power struggle against his family, a dying tyrant, and an infamous geneticist all bent on harnessing his facility for the greater good or for their own personal gain. Guy must decide what to do with his gift and who to trust, especially now that the line between friend and adversary has been permanently blurred.

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  1. Thanks for the spotlight, Marisa! :) I just wanted to note, that I realize I haven’t been on this site since the summer so idk how many people know I even belong to this community haha, but I am coming back soon!! This year of college has probably been the most stressful time of my life, but I’m done in May. You can expect to see me back shortly after! Thanks again.

  2. I have no critiques to give, all I can say is I love the art style and the detail and the color. It is such a bright and vibrant comic with a happy feel to it and yet it does have pages on the gloomier side. Which I love because it proves that if you can show emotion through the characters and dialogue you don’t need the colors to set the mood.

  3. NeilKapit says:

    I’ll start with the criticism, because it’s an easily correctable thing and by explaining why it should be corrected I’ll compliment the comic.

    The description of Guy Adaman as “spine-less” and worse yet, “candy-ass” (on the catch-phrase) really doesn’t do him or his story justice. He’s timid, sure, but he has plenty of reason to be. His entire life has been one twisted experiment, subjected to dehumanizing procedures because of the value of his blood. I don’t think anyone who grew up being treated as a living blood bank could shut that out of their daily life, and what’s described as “cowardly” could much more accurately be diagnosed as PTSD. It’s even worse because he hasn’t been able to get any treatment for it, since other than his few confidantes like his sister, there’s nobody he can talk to who wouldn’t turn him in and put him back in his wretched old life.

    Furthermore, what would he accomplish by acting “brave” within his life? There haven’t really been any scenarios where he’s put his own well-being above the immediate safety of others, unless you think it’s selfish that he’s not donating his body to science (and I don’t). He wants to live a quiet life devoted to calm, intellectual pursuits. If he becomes a hero later in the story, it will be more inspiring because of that, because an action-packed violent life isn’t what he wants.

    That kind of labeling is too crude and insensitive to describe the character, or the comic he’s in.

    • Hey NeilKapit, thanks for your insights! I just wanted to clarify, the characterization of Guy as “spineless” comes with some foresight on my part as far as Guy’s upcoming actions, which I realize maybe means I shouldn’t use it as an opening descriptor given that the reader doesn’t have the same information I do. It’s also important to note that there was a comic that predated this one in which he did some pretty cowardly things at the expense of other people, but again the reader would have no way of knowing that without having read it (and I’ve removed all links to it from the ESG site, so that wouldn’t have been possible for most.)

      What I mean to say by all this is, I have reason to describe him as such, but I realize that I’ve provided no proof for it yet in the story thus far. I just want to make sure it doesn’t seem as though I’m calling sufferers of PTSD or trauma spineless!! Whew that would be a bad thing to take away from this haha

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  5. the_dusty says:

    Not only is the art incredible, but the composition and framing is fantastic as well. Great comic.

  6. The premise of a person whose blood can heal anything is a pretty interesting idea. There are plenty of stories that involve someone’s powers being the target of exploitation, but there’s something very thematically powerful about blood. It causes a visceral reaction and there’s so much symbolism you can take advantage of. If you really want this comic to stand out, I advise you be as creative as possible with the way you use blood and healing as a theme.

    The art is incredibly crisp. The perspective, anatomy, and composition are dead-on. From a technical standpoint, it’s flawless, but I feel like sometimes the art is too clean and bright. There’s a lack of ambiance. The recent night scenes, for example, are almost the same brightness as the indoor and daylight scenes. Some cooler tones and darker atmosphere would have made the coloring even more effective. Don’t get me wrong, your coloring is very good, but if you want to really sell the scene, it would help a lot to pay attention to relative lighting.

    I personally like the main character. I don’t see him as spineless, either. He’s not a fighter, I’ll give you that, but he has no trouble speaking up for himself and saying exactly what he wants to say. If that doesn’t show he’s got a backbone, I don’t know what does. At any rate, he reacts pretty much how I would expect someone in his situation to react; he’s angry about it, though hardly surprised, and his resentment about the whole thing is quite clear. He also seems to accept his abilities and judging by how he tends his garden, he’s hardly above taking advantage of them even though it clearly wears on his nerves that others also do so against his will. I must admit, though, the other characters really don’t stand up that much. Your main character’s pretty good so far, but everyone else could stand to be fleshed out more. It’s still early enough that it’s not a huge flaw, but exploring the rest of the cast should still probably come sooner rather than later.

    I like the ideas your comic has touched on already and despite the (minor) artistic shortcomings, I still think it looks incredible. You’re off to a pretty strong start, so all I can do is wait to see what happens next.

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