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Fan Art

I, Mummy Fan Art

Many thanks to Sean Martin for this charming I, Mummy fan art. Sean is the creator of Doc and Raider – the longest running LGBT webcomic in the whole wide world! You can check out more mummerific fan art in the forums here.

fanart 44 I Mummy by andy p

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  1. Thank you, Sean. I love it! If the comic ever becomes a video game I’m going to insist it look just like this! Of course, it will have to be a fighting game where the goal is to throw tea cups at Victorian snobs.

  2. Andy, I am so pleased you like it. Thank you!

  3. This is simply gorgeous, Sean! Wow.

  4. Sean 3D art is as top notch as always.
    Mummy is one of my favorite comics, glad to have now an official Sean art for it.!

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