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Garabateando – Doodling Around Interview

An interview with the creators of Doodling Around. Warning – there may be spoilers! 

1. When did you first come up with the idea for Doodling Around?

Gual: Hello! First of all, excuses for any weird thing I could say. English is not my first language, hehe.

Well, the idea for Doodling Around came out when chatting with two of my friends. They always have some story to tell. That’s why we said they both should have their own TV program or comic with all the crazy stuff they have. Then we realized, why not? We hadn’t to think on ideas for stories and stuff; we have the material already.

So, we created a group of characters, for those situations. That’s how the twins and company were born. With characteristics of the place where we live, like the coastal city or having a nickname for every friend. Here in Cartagena people use to do that :P

First, the comic was intended to be mainly gag a day, telling short situations but readers started to ask, why we haven’t storylines, having ‘those nice characters’ for explore. Of course, we were happy to know, readers like our characters and again, why not? We decided to try a more story line way for the comic. That’s Doodling Around today, a contribution of many people, factors and, of course, our art.

Chano: What he said :P


2. If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one of your characters, which one would you pick and why?

Gual: I think Umh-Ba (Astrid). She’s easy going and talkative. No worries and conversation in a desert island? I want!

Chano: Fiera (Lucero). She’s funny and with her physic condition she could be a nice help in the wilderness.

Chato: La Chiqui (Yordana). Because is the coolest and she has a lot of stuff of help in that bag.


3. What was your favorite comic as a kid?

Gual: Superman.

Chano: Green Lantern.

Chato: I read Kalimán and a weekly publication, Los Monos.


4. If you had to hand your comic over to another creator (living or dead), who would that be?

Gual: Bill Watterson.

Chano: Bill Watterson.

Chato: Bill Watterson.


5. Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

Gual: Lord of the Rings. Heroic Fantasy for the win! Plus Star Wars is SCi-FI heroic fantasy: Vader is the neatest futuristic black guard

Chato: Lord of the Rings. The books, I didn’t like the movies so much.


6. On average, how long does it take you to produce a page from start to finish?

Gual: Now, it takes 2 days of work. Pencils and inks by me, then colors by Chato, while I do the letters and details.

7. What’s your favorite time-sucking activity?

Gual: Apart from drawing, it’s playing games, tabletop ones or online.

Chano: Role-playing tabletop games, video games.

Chato: Reading, watching movies.


8. What was the last book you read (and enjoyed)?

Gual: Not book, comic book. Death and return of Superman :P

Chano: Comic book too. Avatar, the Promise.

Chato: Lord of the Rings III for third time.


9. If you could incorporate any fictional character into your comic, who would you choose?

Gual: Arnold and his crew from Hey Arnold. They fit the universe and I can imagine the things they could do together.

Chano: Calvin. I like to see the twins babysitting that boy.


10. What’s next for Doodling Around?

Gual: I want to have more story arcs for people to enjoy and, with that, some character development. Hope we have time for doing that for everyone. And, last but not less, keep going with it! We don’t want to abandon it, at least until we consider it’s a complete work.

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  1. Ah, Kaliman, that guilty pleasure of my youth: the cheap pages, the corny story lines, the gorgeous ladies… “Serenidad y Paciencia, Solín”

  2. Since Bill Waterson recently emerged from hiding to do a cartoon for the documentary “Stripped”, your chances of getting him to do Doodling Around have increased from impossible to almost impossible :)

  3. I agree with Chano on the desert island thing. Fiera’s one tough customer and surviving the island with her would be a blast.

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